Doppe & Kokke present: Saturday Morning Progressive House  

Doppe & Kokke is a duo with a focus on creating innovative music, laced with modern EDM and even some catchy pop influences. 

Recently, the pair dropped a brand new single named Saturday Morning Progressive House. 

This release highlights Doppe & Kokke’s astonishing creativity, with a remarkable combination of powerful dynamics, and beautiful production aesthetics. 

The energy is at an all-time high here and, you should definitely give this one a go, particularly if you are a fan of groundbreaking performers the likes of AVICII, The Chainsmokers, and ILLENIUM, only to mention a few. What’s really special about Doppe & Kokke’s music is that it combines a really personal touch with their inventive sonic coordinates, giving the listeners a broad and intriguing experience. With such a spot-on combination of talent and vision, you really can’t go wrong. 

Saturday Morning Progressive House is an example of seamless character, and passion, where every element is utterly balanced, and it is obvious that the artist put a lot of effort into creating a very recognizable sonic formula. As a result, the listing experience is unique and easy to relate to, for listeners from all walks of life. 

Find out more about Doppe & Kokke and do not miss out on Saturday Morning Progressive House, and other releases from the artist:

Doppe & Kokke are back on the scene with a one-of-a-kind release titled "Hanging By A Thread” (featuring Fasone). 

December 8th 2021 - The year is coming to a close, but there is still room for some amazing new releases to come out. Such happens to be the case of "Hanging By A Thread", an amazing new song by Doppe & Kokke and their talented collaborator for this track, Fasone.

This excellent new project combines the edge of modern electronic music with the unique flow of melodic house, going for a big, modern tone that has a lot of punch. One of the things that make "Hanging By A Thread" so special is the high quality of the production.

Doppe & Kokke’s sound stands out due to its diverse and engaging nature, and this release feels like a fantastic example of what this artist is able to accomplish in such a seamless and distinctive way. If you like electronic music with a catchy twist, you really can’t go wrong with this new release. 

Find out more about Doppe & Kokke, and listen to "Hanging By A Thread". This new studio work is currently available on some of the best digital music streaming services online.

Doppe & Kokke present: Midnight In Cologne 

October 2021 - Doppe & Kokke is a DJ / Production duo with a lush and distinctive sound. The combination of catchy electronic instrumentation, vocal melodies with a pop flair and amazing sax leads is truly special, giving the song a very uplifting and happy vibe that suits the band’s formula to absolute perfection. If you like House music with a diverse feel, this one is most definitely something for you to check out. 

The song stands out due to its production quality. The sound is clear and organic, with electronic drum beats blending in perfectly with vocal and sax, as well as highlighting the depth of sound of the beautiful cinematic piano chords that make up the bulk of the melodic elements of the mix. More importantly, this is a stunning, cheerful song with a positive vibe, something that we all desperately need in these crazy times! 

Find out more about Doppe & Kokke, and do not miss out on their excellent banger, “Midnight In Cologne.” The song is currently available on digital streaming platforms, and there is even an amazing music video on Youtube!


For the past years, Tropical house music has dominated music fans’ playlists when it comes to planning what kind of music to accompany them to a holiday or a weekend getaway with colleagues. When you look at the social media profiles of famous Djs like; Kygo, Sam Feld, or Robin Schulz, you will notice that their brand is all about the chill-vibe. Mostly, they post pictures of the beach, from a pool, from the private jet, or a festival with thousands of listeners. Their unique craft of making remarkable Tropical House hits has turned them into superstars of the music scene. 

Looking back to 2014, the term “Tropical House” was introduced by chance by one Australian Dj, “Thomas Jack.” In one of his interviews, the 28-year-old Dj mentioned, “I loved summer vibes and the beach, so I thought tropical house would be a cool name.” 

Tropical House music is not generally club music in which records are mixed with each other. The creators of Tropical House do not come from the club scene but rather from the vastness of online blogs and Soundcloud lists. This is also reflected in the fact that, unlike classic club DJs, they are very much in the focus of attention (this is the same case as for EDM), and a large fan base is forming around them. As DJs and producers, they make their music that is then distributed to the listeners. In contrast to EDM star DJs like Calvin Harris or Tiesto, Tropical house producers don’t rely on fat synthesizers and resounding bass drums but rather on relaxed sounds. Some Tropical House songs can as well have a slower tempo and are generally carefree in nature. (Alex Adair – Make Me Feel Better) 

Popular Tropical House artists 


Tom Lagergren, aka. Matoma is a Norwegian DJ, music producer, and remix artist born in the Southern Asnes in May 1991. His artistic work is stylistically influenced by elements from the genres of contemporary R&B, dance, pop, and Tropical House. 

In 2015, Matoma launched his remix version of “Want That Old Thing Back,” a song by Notorious BIG, Ja Rule, and Ralph Tresvant released in 2007. Even if his “Old Thing Back” remix missed the entry into the top 100 of the Billboard list by only eight spots, the track reached gold status in the USA after a few weeks. Matoma recorded top 20 rankings throughout Scandinavia and entered the Irish and New Zealand charts. 


KYGO (real name: Kyree Gorvell-Dahll) is a Norwegian DJ and music producer from Bergen known for his unique Tropical House style. KYGO started his music journey as a six-year-old, taking piano classes for over ten years. At the age of 19, he began to produce electronic music. 

His famous song “Stole The Show,” featuring Parson James, released in Germany in 2015, became one of his most successful singles. Released on the label “B1 Recordings,” the track had been previously available as a digital download by Sony in Norway. In Germany, the song received a platinum award for more than 400,000 units sold. With this song and other tracks, KYGO is regarded as a pioneer for the modern sound of Tropical House music. 


Sam Feldt is a Dutch Tropical House DJ known in 2015 for his hit song “Show Me Love” with Kimberly Anne. Sam grew up in a musical home and started learning piano at the age of six. His father, by then, was a guitarist in a band. 

Later Sam turned to electronic music and produced house music for a long time before putting his first pieces online in 2013. With remix versions of Sander van Doorn’s Guitar Track and Stay Alive, he reached number 1 on Hype Machine and seven-digit views on his SoundCloud page. 

In February 2015, he released the popular “Show Me, Love,” a remake of Robin S’s 1994 hit. He had discovered the vocal version of the British Kimberly Anne on the Internet and made it his Tropical House version. The song was a success in the dance scene, and by the summer, it leaped into the official charts throughout Europe and Australia and even reached number 4 in the British charts.